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*sweats nervously*


god damn it matt

leon-kuwata-punk-rocker reblogged your post and added:

*Whispers* “Everyone go ask him the same thing ;)”

Anonymous asked: Dude, why the heck would you kiss Gatomon?



Anonymous asked: I hope you and your kitty aren't too traumatised... *gives kitty some fish and Taichi-san some omurice*

don’t worry, she will be fine..as for me…well i have food so i guess…also thanks!



"DAME YOU ask-taichi-senpai you Digi-freak! I’m not gonna to stand for this ya know!!!1!!”

”digi-freak”…now this ones original.

((original ))

//hey everyone, go follow and interact with leonkuwatapunkrocker! its an awesome leon kuwata rp blog 8D

Anonymous asked: My sexual orientation is Tai-sexual.



runwiththe-wind asked: ooc: Ughh I meant to answer great job on the theme" It really suits the blog and Taichi!

//thanks! 8D

shadowman10 asked: If Suzy has more quarters than Tammy, and Tammy has more feathers than Johnny, then who has the Pringles?

me! hah! i win! your tricky math questions are no match for me!

Anonymous asked: Tai is an adorable baby kid!

somkanrat asked: Good job Tai! I really love your pictures describing the answers <3 It is not only so funny but it also memorable. You never know how much this meant something to me. It reminds me of my beautiful childhood. It is also wonderful that Digimon still stands here with me even their peak time is in 1999! And all of this are because of you. Thank you so much creator. I just wanna tell you your tumbler is really awesome! Please, please keep going on man <3 Your fan from Thailand :)


holy shit thank you so much ahsdkhajds 

//updated my  theme! what do you think?

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