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zeokawolfhusky asked: HELLO! SAM IS BACK BABY! and i brought some coo-*sees all the s**t that went down for Taichi in the posts* WTF DID I MISS!?

”i got forcefully stuffed with smokes and they got pumped, and now I’m about to eat a lot of chocolate. soo…i guess a lot yeah.”

Anonymous asked: That's not a challenge. I really need someone to help me eat all this chocolate before it goes to waste.

Smoking and almost dying once and getting new lungs, and now I’m going to ingest a lot of unhealthy food all at once?


Anonymous asked: Yamato didn't ask you to make this blog. You wanted to make this blog anyway. Don't lie.

THATS TOTALLY NOT TRUE HE SAID IT TO ME! it happened 20 years ago last tuesday

Anonymous asked: *summons a really good pulmonologist for Taichi-senpai* She should be able to help you.

”he said i had smoked enough to hide the motorway during rush hour.”

anyway I’m fine now i got new lungs!

yes that can happen!

Anonymous asked: So, um... About that chocolate... Are you game to take some of it off my hands?

”is that a challenge?”

shadowman10 asked: You smell like angry

not anymore…

”how are YOU alive at this point?”

Anonymous asked: I'm starting to see why everyone ships you with Koushiro. You two is cutes together

according to the internet i do a bit too much…

Anonymous asked: u oK TAI?!?!

Anonymous asked: Tai is all about that bass


whatever that means!

ask-leon-kuwata-punk-rocker asked: Hey Tai, didn't you know smoking's bad for ya?

my lungs are 99% tar.

//im sorry if i never notice a post someone makes to me, if you tag it, i might take a long time to notice it because i forget I’m tracking myself o__o;; so for now I’m gonna be a bit better. also, i track ”asktaichisenpai” 

;w; <3<3

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